Smart energy solutions for a sustainable future

Virta’s scalable smart grid solutions enable everyone to take part in the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Our electric vehicle charging platform connects all key players in the EV ecosystem. The platform allows running EV charging services of any size anywhere in the world.

We’re the global innovation leader in the market with capabilities for V2G demand response and the most intelligent home charging service with market price optimisation and station sharing.

In addition we develop an energy storage platform to dynamically connect batteries of all sizes into the energy system.

Global player from Finland

Virta Ltd (Liikennevirta Oy) was founded in December 2013 by 18 Finnish utilities. The diversified ownership structure guarantees sufficient resources for the development of game changing solutions and makes Virta a trustworthy partner in EV charging.

We help our customers run electric car charging services already in 8 countries around Europe. Our offices are currently located in Helsinki, Berlin and Stockholm. In addition we’re the market leader in public EV charging in Finland.

Whether you’re looking into EV charging solutions, finding suitable technology partners or interested in joining our international team, leave a message and we’ll get in touch!

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