Virta is developing game changing charging services to support the revolutionary shift from gasoline to electric vehicles. Our platform provides tools for running an EV charging business anywhere in the world.

Virta serves the entire EV charging ecosystem. Our scalable turnkey solution allows running EV charging services ranging from large professional EV charging networks to single charging points.

For end users Virta offers a world-class user experience through mobile, web and smartwatch applications with the smartest functionalities in the market.


Virta’s powerful and sophisticated EV charging business platform enables our B2B partners to build and run an EV charging business in a hassle-free way and with relatively low costs.

The turnkey service includes everything what is needed to operate charging services: automatic charging infrastructure management, user management, payment systems and customer service.

The end-to-end solution is cloud-based and open interfaced. It enables roaming between networks and a large variety of business models from crowdsourcing of EV charging to utility-driven EV infrastructure management.


Virta cooperates closely with a number of parties operating in the EV charging ecosystem and participates on its behalf in developing the fast-growing market.

As a forerunner, Virta already offers smart functionalities like dynamic load management, charging optimized based on the price at the local energy market and grid frequency controlled charging. Our solutions are also ready for vehicle-to-grid concepts.

The entire Virta offering is available as a white label solution. Your brand, powered by Virta.

EV charging networks of hundreds of smart charging points in Switzerland, France, Germany, Sweden, Iceland and Finland are operated with Virta technology.

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